Frequently Asked Questions


How long does a session last?

Our location sessions usually last between 60 to 90 minutes, but if there are young children/puppies involved, the time can often be guided by them. It’s all very relaxed and fun and is a good opportunity to spend quality time with your family and pets.

How many pictures will you take?

We don’t put a limit on the number taken but will stop once we feel that we have been able to capture a good selection of images to show you. Most customers are shown 30 to 40 images at their design presentation.

What happens if we cannot make our appointment?

Your session time is specially reserved in our studio diary for you. We do appreciate that sometimes people become ill and, if this happens, we will try to help as much as we can to re-arrange your appointment.

We would appreciate it that, if you do need to change your appointment for any reason, please give us at least 7 days notice & we will be happy to reschedule for no extra charge. Less than 7 days notice could incur a charge of up to £50 depending on the type of shoot.

Will there be any extra costs?

We ask for a retainer for every client’s portrait session – this is taken as a gesture of goodwill that you intend to come to both your photo-shoot and preview appointment. Providing you come to both, the money can be used towards any photographs you order or be refunded at the preview session.

Who do I contact if I have any questions or queries?

Please call our office on mobile on 07478 312722 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

How long do you keep the images?

We aim to keep your ordered images on file for at least a year. If storage allows, we will keep them for longer, but cannot guarantee this. Images not ordered will be safely deleted.

Who owns the copyright on my images?

Bailey’s Photography retains the copyright to all images taken at your session.

Can I take pictures during the portrait session?

We are sorry but the answer is NO. You have commissioned a portrait session with us as professional photographers, with many years of training and experience, whose job it is to create stunning pictures that you would not otherwise be able to capture. So we must insist that we are the only camera-users during our portrait sessions. If photos are taken during the session without our permission we reserve the right to cease and cancel the photo-shoot immediately and for any monies paid to be held as payment for time & administration.

Why is there a session fee and what is included?

The session fee is for the photo-shoot of up to 2 hours as well as for the presentation and the design consultation which is normally another 1 – 2 hours. It does not include any digital or printed images but it does secure the date and time. Our portrait sessions allow plenty of time for us to assess the location and to get to know people as well as discuss any particular ideas our clients may have.

SESSION FEES (these may not apply in the case of a prize, a voucher or other offer)
Home and location sessions (includes travel time up to 45 miles from Felixstowe)

Tuesday to Friday Saturday Sunday
Portrait sessions over 45 miles away £200 Add £50
Portrait session on location in Felixstowe £150 Add £25 Add £50

Where appropriate, the sitting fee is payable at the time of booking to confirm the arrangements. All prices include VAT at the current rate and may be subject to change without notice. All major credit cards accepted.

IMPORTANT: We are constantly looking for new images to use for competitions, exhibitions & for the promotion of Bailey’s Photography and may use your pictures in print, on our website, on social media or other method. You must let us know if you have any objection to this.

Outdoor Family Sessions

How many people can I have at my portrait session?

Working on location allows us the flexibility and space not to have to worry about how many are there for the session, as long as we know the numbers in advance so that we can prepare accordingly.

What should I say to the children?

Young children shouldn’t be ‘primed’ (examples of this are: “make sure you smile for the man;” “say cheese;” “if you don’t behave you won’t get an ice cream;” as parents we want to say it, but really we shouldn’t). I find that the best way is to treat the session as a normal everyday occurrence – and this is also true for adults. If you are stressed or anxious then your children will be too. Just leave it to the professionals. I’ve been putting people at their ease for many years and will get the best images if I am allowed to capture the atmosphere and expressions you want in our own way.

Can I bring a pet?

The answer is a definite YES. Your pets are very much part of the family and deserve to be included.

What should I wear?

Wear clothes that you feel comfortable in. I often find that the best images are taken with people wearing every-day clothing, so keep it casual. Portraits can be lifted when clients pick a similar colour pallete across the whole group. Pastel shades look good, so don’t be afraid of mixing these lighter colours. If you have a favourite colour or print, get the rest of the family to wear colours to compliment your outfit. Comfy footwear is a must, and waterproof too if the ground is wet. If you are outside in the winter, wear layers – lots of them – and avois white or cream colours!
Don’t be afraid to accessorise – jewellery, sweaters, hats, scarves, jackets and wellies will help to add variety. One other thing is that ladies in summer will often wear sleeveless or short sleeve tops: we find that longer sleeves or a light wrap over the shoulders to cover the arms works better and helps not to have too much distracting skin on show!

Please do not wear spectacles with tinted, transition or photochromic lens. These will hide your eyes and could be a negative distraction in a good image.

What happens if the weather is bad?

I always like to speak to my clients on the phone a few days before the session and will talk about the weather forecast. Where possible I will ask clients to wait until the morning of the shoot because forecasts have sometimes been known to be wrong! If we both decide the weather will be too bad (hurricane, freezing rain, black clouds, etc.) then I will rearrange your appointment, either a different time on the same day or a different day.

Outdoor Pet Sessions

How many pets can I have at my portrait session?

I have worked with 3 horses and 4 dogs in the same session! As long as there are extra pairs of hands to help with 3 or more animals, I don’t mind. Just let me know in advance so that I can make the necessary plans.

Can I bring a human?

Don’t just think of a pet portrait as being all about your furry friend. They will often react better with you at their side or interacting in some way with them and I would love to include you and your family in the images I create.

What if my dog is anxious?

I am used to all different characters of dog from nervous rescues to just plain active and noisy! I know how to get the best from any character and will always put the wellbeing and safety of your dog first. There are some great advantages to being outdoors too, because dogs feel more at ease and relaxed. If your dog normally is walked with a harness, please do bring a collar as I would ask you to remove the harness.

What about horses?

I love working with customers’ horses and I’ve photographed many over the years. Obviously it necessitates the photographer travelling to you (although there has been one exception) and I will talk to you by phone beforehand about the location. Because I am always trying to create beautiful portraits to hang on a wall I ask that you consider the location – trees, hedgerows, rolling hills and fields of crops all make for a good backdrop, but most paddocks don’t (think of white tape fences and other horses nearby). And do include family members in the photographs too.

What happens if the weather is bad?

I always like to speak to my clients on the phone a few days before the session and will talk about the weather forecast. Where possible I will ask clients to wait until the morning of the shoot because forecasts have sometimes been known to be wrong! If we all decide the weather will be too bad (hurricane, freezing rain, black clouds, etc.) then I will rearrange your appointment, either a different time on the same day or a different day.

Previewing Your Pictures

What is a design consultation?

This is the best part when you are shown your portraits in your own home, projected onto the wall. This gives you the ideal opportunity to work with us to design the best arrangement of final choices to suit your home. I will be there with you to guide and to show you the various options and to make suggestions and recommendations to you.

How long will the design consult take?

Most people take 60-90 minutes to choose and make their order. You will not be rushed or pressurised into making the wrong decisions, you will just be shown superb pictures and wonderful layouts that you may find hard to resist!

How long after my portrait session will the photographs be ready to see?

I aim to have your images prepared for you about 60 minutes after your portrait session

Can you “smooth out the lines”?

The pictures are individually balanced for colour and contrast to bring out the best in quality. Sympathetic retouching can be done for things like blemishes and unkind shadows. I do not charge for this service unless specific retouching is requested.

How long will it take to get my order?

After your design & consultation when you place your order, I allow 6 – 8 weeks for it to be completed, depending on what is ordered.

How much do the images cost?

I offer a wide range of products in different finishes, frames and sizes in order to give you a unique portrait for your home. Framed desk-portrait pictures start from £150; bespoke wall art starts from £550 and albums from £1200. A more detailed copy of our current product guide will be provided at your portrait session.

Have a Question?

Still need help? I have a friendly team who would be more than happy to talk to you about organising a photoshoot on location.